3D scanner for better dimension checking in quality control

By ille 23.11.2022

Latvian company SFM, world’s largest provider of transformer tanks, has been using Creaform MetraSCAN BLACK 3D scanner with VXelements software for 2 years in order to provide the high-quality 3D measurement reports for the products.

SFM Latvija Ltd. is a manufacturer of constructions for which accuracy is especially important and clients request a 3D measurement report for the product. Before CREAFORM MetraSCAN was put into use, the 3D scanning was outsourced, but the main difficulty with it was lack of high-quality 3D scanning service in Latvia, and therefore the reports provided were often not accepted by the client. The only way to provide the required reports was to look for a way to ensure high-quality dimensional control and reporting with 3D measurement technology by the company itself.

The main criterion set up for selecting a scanning tool was the accuracy of scanning, and only Creaform type of 3D scanning can provide it. In addition to very precise dimensional control, the scanning speed was also an extra advantage compared to other options considered.

Although the implementation process was not the easiest at first, as the company had never worked with this type of equipment, support from Creaform representatives, application engineers, and educational videos were helpful. Various technical questions about scanning, technical problems and preparation of reports found quick and sufficient answers. Still, despite the solution working well for the company, there is room for improving the knowledge how to utilize the VXelements program even more to take full advantage of all its possibilities.

The main products 3D scanned are transformer tanks, and dimensional report is prepared in software VXinspect module.

According to Nauris Jansons, the CEO of SFM, Creaform MetraSCAN BLACK 3D scanner with VXelements software improved the dimensions checking for the company. Many dimensions that proved to be problematic to be measured earlier, are now easier and more accurate to check, and it provides extra confidence about the quality of the products. The most significant part is the preparation of the dimension report of the scanned structure according to the dimensions indicated in the client’s drawing. The purchase of the scanner was never intended for making money but as an aid to control the quality of the products, and in this respect the investment is fully worth it.

In daily use, considering the 3D scanning service prices on the market, the return on investment of MetraSCAN 3D could be roughly just 3-4 months for a company like SFM

Martin Raju, CEO of the company Oldbac, contact for Creaform solutions in the Baltics added: “In daily use, considering the 3D scanning service prices on the market, the return on investment of MetraSCAN 3D could be roughly just 3-4 months for a company like SFM”.

MetraSCAN 3D is the most advanced 3D metrological scanner of all commercially available analogues due to its expandable measurement volume, incredible speed, production accuracy, and awesome capabilities for complex materials. MetraSCAN 3D scanner doesn’t require any rigid fixtures. Therefore, it provides shop-floor measurement accuracy that is insensitive to the instabilities even under harsh conditions.

Accuracy 0.025 mm
Volumetric accuracy 0.064 mm
Reliable acceptance tests Based on VDI/VDE 2634 Part 3 standard
ISO 17025 accredited laboratory
Shop floor accuracy with dynamic referencing Measurement accuracy insensitive to environmental instabilities
High resolution
Measures all types of complex and highly detailed parts

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Some visuals from SFM – daily use of Creaform MetraSCAN BLACK 3D scanner and related software: