3D scanning gives you a digital representation of an existing object that is scalable and usable for inspection, creating a new CAD model or taking measurements. With the help of our 3D scanners, we can speed up your product development cycle to the next level.

  • 3D Reverse Engineering
    At Oldbac, many of our engineering projects start with 3D scanning – as the fastest way to capture the shape of an object. We can digitally copy and repair your original object and convert the resulting measurements to the exact form of your liking.
  • Digital Inspection
    We use the 3D scanned part, and let the computer benchmark it with the original 3D model and point out deformations. Making it even more simple, we will provide you with a detailed graphical report highlighting any deviations. The report is easy to understand, even if you are not trained as engineers. You are able to understand the quality control report where deviations are highlighted in different colours

3D Reverse engineering from scan data is the fastest and most accurate method of creating a CAD model of existing objects.

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