At Oldbac, it all starts with thinking through the entire production of your component. By understanding your business idea, your product and what the detail has to do, we streamline the process and sharpen the idea.

3D scanning

A 3D scan helps to accurately measure various objects in simple or more complicated geometrical form. We can 3D scan anything from a bee to an airplane with an accuracy of at least 0.025mm. 3D scanning gives us a digital representation of an existing object that is scalable and usable for inspection, creating a new CAD model or taking measurements.

Reverse Engineering

We can improve your existing product or develop a completely new one based on your competitor’s product. We can digitally copy and repair an original object and convert the resulting measurements to the exact form requested. 



3D Modelling

We offer most 3D modelling services for your product development process. Whether it’s Class A surface modelling, solid modelling or rendering, get everything from Oldbac; trouble-free.

3D Model analyses

In addition to our modelling service, we offer various simulations in our product development cycle.

Before even starting on your project, we can eliminate potential mistakes by performing analyses for fatigue, strength, modal analyses and aerodynamic (CFD) analyses.


Building prototypes is the fastest way to see an early representation of your product. We can fabricate prototypes efficiently thanks to our in-house 5-axis CNC mill and 3D printers.



Small & medium series

Our state-of-the-art CNC milling robot works 24/7. It’s pre-programmed to produce your small series of details without human intervention. Our streamlined workflow combined with state-of-the-art machinery gives us flexibility when handling orders.

Single units & Prototypes

Keeping the cost under control is vital for any type of product development. Thanks to technology, we can offer competitive pricing, even for single units or prototypes. Our Hermle milling station is capable of producing most of its work in one go, allowing us to cut manufacturing times and save your money. 

Outsource management

Not all items that we build end up being produced at Oldbac. We have a network of production partners around the globe to help develop complicated products. Let us save you time and avoid hassles by finding the right manufacturing partner for you.