Ideation 101

It’s not wild guessing.
Before we set the right course for your specific product development, here is the checklist that we go through to get from point A to Z. Whether it’s a chess figure or a space shuttle, a common method applies.

  • Getting there fast, we take time at the start. Together we define what is it exactly what you need and how to get there most efficiently. Whether it begins with 3D scanning your existing detail or shaping it from scratch, you will see your dream product in shiny metal sooner than you thought was possible.
  • We always try to put ourselves in the shoes of our clients by trying it out, finding what gives the hard times using it and how to make it better
  • Overview – we describe in cooperation with the customer what are the general requirements for products (weight, durability, functionality). It is important not to go into too much detail in the first stage, but to define the final key features of the product
  • Based on the input from the overview, we format technical or design drawings in 3D
  • We perform different analysis – strength and durability, aerodynamics etc.
  • We constantly challenge you and ask you to shuffle the cards again and again. We emphasise you to constantly challenge the status quo

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