Not all of us are strong visual artist and sometimes the words ain’t gonna cut it. For us, at Olbac it’s no different whats your strong skill is, we are here to make complicated things easy for you. Sketch modelling or sketching is the prefered starting point for us to get on the same page with you. It’s also the fastest ways for you to visualize your idea.

Think of solid modelling as a technique for representing solid objects. Unlike wireframe and surface modelling, solid modelling systems ensure that all surfaces meet properly and that the object is geometrically correct. Solid modelling can work with predefined 3D primitives, but most typically it works with basic 3D operations that represent mathematical operations or software objects. As an example, one of the most common operations in solid modelling is extrusion, i.e. “pulling” a 2D object into 3D.

Solid models describe an object in enough detail to permit digital prototyping. That means you can check a part’s weight, how it fits with other parts, its strength, or how fluids and heat will flow in and around it. And all of that occurs within the computer before any material is used.

In other words, it covers designing the top layer of your mechanical marvel or can be used on a product development that does not have mechanics embedded in it at all – glasses for example.  Surface modelling defines surface geometry for applications focusing on aesthetics, airflow, or ergonomics and is the highest level of design surface modelling.

By using KeyShot software we can bring to our customer’s real-time 3D renderings that can display results instantly and reduce the time to create realistic product visuals. KeyShot is trusted by brands around the world for its speed, ease of use, scientifically accurate materials, and advanced material editing capabilities. Get an early, digital representation of your product.

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We can visualise your ideas, or shape them or make you realistic renders for your investor pitch deck