We aim to ensure the satisfaction of our clients.

We answer their calls and respond to their e-mails without delay and in a way they understand, making it both easy and pleasant to work with us.

We agree on things in writing, and whatever we have decided to, we fulfil the letter. However impossible an idea might seem, we make it work. We guarantee that the client gets exactly what they paid for within the agreed budget. Any additional tasks and further developments mean a new budget.

We expect our clients to provide us with high-quality input in materials, plans and measurements. Only in this way can we be sure of the best result.
We guarantee that our work is of the highest quality and meets all requirements.

We don’t enter into unfair agreements. Quality control is always carried out by an impartial team member who was not involved in manufacturing the product.
The client can rest assured that their intellectual property is fully protected in working with us. We consider this a point of honour. We only publicise the work we have done upon agreement with the client.

We take responsibility for the entire process and ensure that it is understandable, as quick and straightforward as possible and of the highest standard. To this end, we have implemented a quality management system and used the leading technology.


We only work with the best, and our partners’ expectations are just as high as the standards we work to ourselves.

We set our needs and expectations and enter into agreements that all parties understand. But, then, we stick very precisely to what we have agreed.

We always deal with our partners in a way they understand and never put off responding to them so that working with us is as quick and straightforward as possible.


We are experts in our field. We want to produce unique things that make the world a better place.

We value accuracy and enjoy tackling complex tasks. To us, every job is an opportunity to make something special. We are always happy to work with our clients to create and develop amazing things.

Every product we make must be aesthetically pleasing.

In our view, learning and bettering yourself whenever the opportunity arises is a normal part of life.

We work as one team to fulfil our clients’ wishes.


We constantly work to ensure that everything we do is efficient, makes optimal use of resources, and aligns with legal requirements. That way, we can protect the world around us and prevent pollution, becoming more environmentally friendly all the time.

We gather up all of the aluminium chips that our production processes generate and press them together to reduce the footprint that needs to remove as waste.

We also collect all of our scrap for recycling, with quality analysis showing us how we can reduce it to a minimum. Less scrap means fewer wasted resources.

Date of approval of guiding principles: 20 November 2021