Series Manufacturing

State-of-the-art CNC milling robot works 24/7. Our continuous 5-axis Hermle C32 is capable of producing most of the details in one go. It autonomously replaces details on the mill without the need for a bench operator to be present. Our HS Flex pallet changer gives you the flexibility to handling different size orders.

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Cutting edge technology

Cutting edge technology

This time, take it literally. For us at Oldbac, keeping the machinery up-to-date is a matter of principle.  In our everyday work, we use the flagships of high-quality metal machining – Hermle C32.  This, combined with HS-Flex automatic pallet changer allows us to switch from high volume to single part production instantaneously, even without the need for the bench operator to be present. When working with us, you have a triple-digit arsenal of milling tools in your possession. Unless the item is geometrically very complex or special we got you covered.

Selection of materials:

  • We provide milling for common alloys.
  • We maintain an inventory of 6082/7075 materials
  • We also mill less common aluminium alloys, but delivery times of workpieces, minimal quantities and cost should be considered when ordering these.

(milling area in mm)
from 20 x 10 x 5
to    650 x 650 x 420

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