Aerodynamic analyses

Strength, fatigue and do modal frequency

Strength calculation
Otherwise known as Finite Element Analysis (FEA) is a simulation based on the finite element method. FEA is used to analyse the strength of complex products, have a better understanding of how component(s) behave under loads and predict how components will react under structural loads. Comparing FEA to traditional testing then FEA can reduce material cost and time for prototyping and give confidence in design.

Fatigue analyses.
Products are often exposed to different magnitude and often a random sequence of loads in other words dynamic loads. Fatigue analyses are performed to evaluate how dynamic loads affect the structure and help us to predict products service life. However, the uncertainty in the structural dynamic properties, i.e., stiffness, mass and damping, as well as the necessary use of simplified loading models, are the main sources of uncertainty in fatigue.

Modal analysis
An indispensable tool in understanding products/system natural frequencies – this helps us to understand which frequencies are destructive and dangerous to your system and how resistant they are to applied forces.

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